Monday, December 2, 2013

Revit Phasing & Rooms/Spaces

Recently I was involved on a remodel project where we had to have a Demo Plan and a New Construction Plan. The model was set up with three phases (Existing, Demo and New Construction). An issue came up with how Rooms/Spaces associate with phasing. I will describe the problem and the solution I found to resolve this issue. There might be a better solution for this but this was the best I could find at the moment. For reference Revit 2014 was used.

The Problem:

Each individual element in the model is assigned to a phase. This includes things like walls, doors, windows, ducts, pipes, equipment and rooms/spaces. On remodel projects you could have several phases depending on the scope. To keep it simple say there are three phases (Existing, Demo and New Construction). A problem arises when you try to get two separate room boundaries to show up on the Demo Plan. For example, say you have two rooms and demolish a wall between them to make a larger room. The rooms could be bound to the wall that is being demolished but this will only show on the existing phase view. I could not find a way to get the two separate rooms to show when the view phase was set to Demo. Since I need to show a Demo plan and New Construction plan this didn’t work. See example below.  

Existing Phase View



 Demo Phase View



New Construction Phase View



The Solution:

Demo Plans- The best way I found to get around this issue was to create a Room/Space Symbol Annotation Family. This symbol would be placed on a floor plan view in the Architectural model. The other disciplines would go to the visibility graphics of the demo view and set the Architectural link to ‘by linked view’ referencing the floor plan they set up with the symbols placed in each room.

New Construction Plans- There really isn’t a work around needed for this. Just make sure all the rooms/spaces in the model are on the New Construction phase and tag them like normal.  


I tried changing the phase filters several different ways and could not get the existing rooms to show in the demo plan. Unfortunately this workaround is a bit tedious since you will have to add the room symbols on the demo plans in addition to the rooms/space on the new construction plans. Creating a view with the room symbols in the Architecture model that the other disciplines can reference will save some time.


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