Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dealing with Links

There have been alot of issues with users deleting links or moving them. I always pin them but that has not proven to be totally effective. One way to solve this issue is to put each link on a workset (I typically create a workset for each link) (remember the workset is set in the instance properties and type properties for each link). Once the links are on a workset you can make them editable and dont relinquish when you close the model. This has probably been done before but I just started doing it and wanted to pass it on.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Adding Columns to Windows Explorer

I know this is a Revit MEP Blog but someone asked the question today "how do I add colums to my Windows Explorer so I can see who edited a file last?". I figured others could probably use this (I certainly will...).

1) Go to Windows Explorer
2) Right click on the column headers and select "more"
3) Check "Owners"
4) Go to Folder and Search Options and select the "view" tab
5) Select "Apply to Folders"

You will now see the user name for whoever edited the file/folder last! There are probably other usefull column headers but I didn't explore it any further.